Payday Loan

Payday Loan

Having a payday loan can help you with finances when times are tough. Do not wait until it is too late to get one. You can apply anytime and anywhere. Just complete an application and you are approved. More »

Check Cashing

Check Cashing

Check cashing is quick, easy and convenient. Bring in your check today and get check cashing services. No long lines to wait in. All you need to do is stop by when it Is convenient for you and we will cash your check. More »

Cash Advance

Cash Advance

A cash advance has helped out many people when times start to get hard with finances. No need to handle the situation alone. Fill out and submit an application and then you will be approved. It is that easy. More »

Auto Loan

Auto Loan

Are you searching for a new vehicle but do not have the cash you need? Get an auto loan. Its is an easy process to get the money you need. Apply and be approved. Then you can drive away in your new vehicle. More »


Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy

Newark Payday Loan Services has been in business for several years. Within this time, we have made adjustments to the privacy policy. It is important to stay up to date with the technology that has evolved. That is why it is important to view the privacy policy frequently. If we make any changes or update any information, it will be posted to the front of our website. However, as your personal responsibility, be sure to check it frequently for new updates.

The Purpose Of Our Privacy Policy

Anyone who uses the internet can be subject to identity theft. Whether you fill out forms online, complete surveys or even apply for credit cards, all are a bad idea. However, if you use a website that will protect your personal information, you no longer have to worry about identity theft or someone stealing your information. A privacy policy does just that. It will allow you to see how Newark Payday Loan Services handle your personal information. Throughout this privacy policy, you can realize what we do with your information, who we can release it and how we protect it. Either way, we do our best to protect the customer.

Newark Payday Loan Services participates with various sponsors. We allow surveys and questionnaires on our website. If you decide to complete any of these surveys, the information submitted will be protected through Newark Payday LOan Services. However, if you complete any surveys through a third party affiliate, we are not responsible for any actions that may occur. There is no control on what we can guarantee when you participate with a third party affiliate. Keep that in mind when you want to fill out surveys. With Newark Payday Loan Services, we want the customers to be happy. We would love to hear from you. You can contact us through email or by phone. Communications can be arranged when you fill out an application or request information through the Contact Us form. By submitting any information through the website, you are consenting to be contacted for whatever reason you need. An associate will be glad to address your concerns or comments with you.

Privacy Policy Information Sharing

You will hear that many companies sell personal information. That is not something Newark Payday Loan Services conducts. We do not sell personal information nor do we plan on starting now. Our goal is to protect information and help you feel secure. It is important that your experience on our website is enjoyable. When you cannot trust a company's security, you will not have an enjoyable experience. What is collected from our website, will stay within the company. We will use your submitted personal information to create an account for future reference. Whether you are a current customer or not, we will create an account from the information you have provided us.

When it comes to third party affiliates, there is a risk of security. This privacy policy is to inform you on how we share, collect and use your personal information. We will never sell your information for any reason. There are many affiliates that will use your information to conduct surveys to better the use of our website. The surveys will allow our affiliate companies to view the device you are using, your location, and other information pertaining to your computer, laptop or iPad. This information is not personal, nor can we receive your personal information from it. It is only used to better the experience for the customers.

There are a few circumstances why we would disclose your personal information. This is something that we do not need your permission for. Regardless of the forms you may have signed protecting your privacy, these certain circumstances will override any privacy form. Here are a few circumstances why we would release your personal information:

Fraud Investigations
If you are involved in a fraud investigation, we will disclose your personal information without question. If Newark Payday Loan Services needs to file a complaint or fraud charges against you, we will do so by the local law enforcement.

Governmental Rights
We have the right to submit your personal information to any form of government requests without question. You will not be notified of this consent.

Subpoena or Court Orders
If we receive any form of subpoena or court orders signed by a judge, we will release your personal information. This will be without your consent. You will not be notified of this process.

Merge With Another Company
If Newark Payday Loan Services decides to merge with another company, your financial accounts and personal files will belong in our possession. You will be notified in advance of the process that will be taking place. If you have a loan with us when we merge with another company, your loan will then be transferred and services will remain the same.

Newark Payday Loan Services wants to thank you for being a valued customer. We hope that the content in this privacy policy will provide you security and peace OF mind. Knowing that a company is taking all measures to the protect personal information of their customers is a great company. Let Newark Payday Loan Services help you with your financial struggles today.